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Name: Amanda Blount

From: USA

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Freetown, Sierra Leone

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25 SepWhite Girl!
(Freetown, Sierra-Leone)

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Miracle Corners Fellowship in Africa

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16 May - (unspecified)
visitors: 63,118
The Perfect Youth Group

The Perfect Youth Group

Hello! Welcome to my third trip to the African continent! I will travelling a lot this time, beginning my stay in Arusha, Tanzania. From there I will be in Kigali, Rwanda working with our Field Director, then back to Sierra Leone! Love from Africa! -AQB

26 photos
26 entries
3 locations

Miracle Corners of the World - Sierra Leone

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13 May - (unspecified)
visitors: 24,479
The Kissy Crew

The Kissy Crew

May 2007 - July 2007 I am back in Freetown to oversee the construction and program implementation of a new community center in Eastern Freetown, in the Kissy neighborhood.

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