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Name: Alex Bowen

From: Australia

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8 JunWhat just happened?
(Makassar, Indonesia)

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Sulawesi Cycle Tour 2015

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22 May - 10 Jun
visitors: 1,708


The definitive account of the Sulawesi “disaster” cycle tour: definitely true. It took a year and a half to finish, but a story is a story right?

1 photos
15 entries
15 locations

Timor Leste cycle tour 2014

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15 Jun - 29 Jun
visitors: 11,169


Felix and I hit the road for a cycle tour of Timor Leste with little to no plan.

1 photos
14 entries
14 locations

Turkey & Iran 2011

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25 Jul - 23 Aug
visitors: 821


0 photos
0 entries
13 locations

Ride to Adelaide 2010-11

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27 Dec - 5 Jan
visitors: 18,441
Coorong road

Coorong road

Jo and I cycle for eight days from (near) Melbourne to Adelaide along the coast.

2 photos
8 entries
9 locations