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Name: Michael Sigman

From: USA

About Me: ****Site Update, 20 August 2010****

Now that I'm back in LA, maybe I'll finally get around to finishing all those half written blog entries on my laptop. Or, maybe I'll just crawl back to my office at work and resume where I left off. ;-)

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18 AugMission Complete
(Los Angeles, USA)

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Do I Get My Day Back This Time?

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2 Feb - 18 Aug
visitors: 244,722


It's finally time for me to finish off my sabbatical year from work and what better way to do it than go around the world again, in the other direction.

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Roamin' Prof

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21 Feb - (unspecified)
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A Keeper Photo

A Keeper Photo

Traveling on the American taxpayers' dime, Professor Sigman is researching extensively across the globe in the name of East LA College philosophy. His motto of "better dead than Canadian" has proved functional thus far in the journey.

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