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Name: Gary Foran

From: Ireland

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Samuc Champey, Guatemala

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19 JanSamuc Champey and Caves at Lanquin
(Samuc Champey, Guatemala)

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Guatemala dreaming!

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2 Jan - (unspecified)
visitors: 15,127


Hola mes amigos! At last a few notes on Globenotes, the most inspirational on line diary service!! Glad to report that all is well and Im in good shape, wish you were here etc and not stuck in the snow in Dublin!

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Gary's not at home today!

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19 Nov - (unspecified)
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Hi there folks, Well I've taken the plunge, and travelled half way accross the world to Malaysia, the land of white sandy beaches, clear warm waters, and the odd large jellyfish or too!

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