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Name: Jacqui Kearns

From: Ireland

About Me: This is Jacqui and Ken's big trip. We hope to go to Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia, Botswana, Namimbia and South Africa. We will be based in Ifunda in Tanzania for 7 weeks doing some volunteer work. We leave Africa on the 29th of December for Australia for a few days and then on to South America. This is gonna be great!

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Enniscorthy, Ireland

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2 MarBloody Hot and loads of mozzies
(Pantanal, Brazil)

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Jacqui and Ken's Big Trip

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jacqui would love to do it

jacqui would love to do it

This is our big trip. We are heading to Africa, Australia and South America. Six months of pure travelling ! GREAT

356 photos
49 entries
46 locations