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Name: Kirsty Gilmour

From: United Kingdom

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7 JulThe glaciers
(Fox Glacier, New-Zealand)

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New Zealand

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24 Jun - 4 Aug
visitors: 10,594
Lookout point

Lookout point

The country of extreme sports and extreme scenery, all of which were hoping to do and see. Were renting a car and with a few new friends from Oz, going on a road trip.

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Second leg...Australia

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17 May - 26 Jun
visitors: 57,671
Lake Birrabean

Lake Birrabean

Were here in the land of Oz! We are going to see alot of this country, well all the good bits. Sydney to Cairns with beautiful beaches along the way, then to Alice Springs and the unforgettable Ayers Rock. Wish you were here??

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'Round the World 2007'

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16 Apr - 14 Aug
visitors: 38,466


Welcome to our adventure!Me, Karen, Jane&Chloe will be travellin from Thailand to America with many stops on the way.Kelly, Racheal&Kayleigh will join us part-time. Keep checking the website,we'll be updating it all the time. Hope you're not too jealous!!

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20 locations