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Name: Kathy and Sharon round the world

From: United Kingdom

About Me: We quit our jobs in July 2005 and then took 14 months to travel the world and see & experience what we could. Our plan was to try and fly as few times as possible and we promised to upload many photos and diary entries!

Hope you can enjoy travelling with us via the virtual world. For a detailed route map go to

We really look forward to your messages so do keep them coming! Glad you love the website - we are still amazed by the number of hits we get!

Since our big world adventure we have travelled some more. Globenotes seems the best place to record those adventures.We hope you can continue to sit back and enjoy the ride!

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22 AugSome background to the fantastic work of Nema Foundation
(Guludo, Mozambique)

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Transylvanian Backwaters, Romania

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29 Dec - 2 Jan
visitors: 1,092


A short break in the forested mountains of Transylvania, home to European brown bear, wolf, wild boar, red deer and lynx - and, of course, the infamous creature of film legend: Dracula. Including the medieval town of Brasov & several fairy tale castles.

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0 entries
5 locations

Mozambique Eco-chic

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20 Aug - 31 Aug
visitors: 16,371

The brief: just a week, no more than GMT +/- 2hrs, somewhere different, not touristy, with a chance to see real people... but an opportunity to relax and interact with the community. The answer: Quirimbas National Park, Northern Mozambique - Guludo Lodge

80 photos
1 entries
5 locations

Balkan Circuit

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12 Apr - 18 Apr
visitors: 16,045
Artemis docked at Kotor

Artemis docked at Kotor

We had less than a week so chose a circular tour around Montenegro, Bosnia and Croatia.

44 photos
0 entries
4 locations

London to Portugal by rail

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27 Dec - 9 Jan
visitors: 24,865
Lisbon is built on 7 hills   with stunning views

Lisbon is built on 7 hills with stunning views

An opportunity to travel overland to Portugal and then tour Lisbon, spending time in the Serra del'Estrella before flying home.

27 photos
2 entries
13 locations

Morocco by Rail

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15 Mar - 25 Mar
visitors: 12,492

A journey through Europe to Africa - overland

2 photos
3 entries
5 locations

Cambodia - same same but different!

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20 Dec - 9 Jan
visitors: 2,271


When we were last in South East Asia we were running out of time to see it all since we had a deadline to get to Beijing. The penultimate plan gave us only 2 days in Siem Reap - so we decided to skip the country entirely and vowed to return ...

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3 locations

Iceland - a circular tour

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7 Jul - 15 Jul
visitors: 23,193
Sharon at the Blue Lagoon

Sharon at the Blue Lagoon

Iceland was always meant to be on our round the world tour. But with its geography and soaring costs, it soon became clear that it wasn't going to happen on the original RTW route. However, we have managed to save some pennies and finally get here.

19 photos
9 entries
8 locations

Tallinn Break

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28 Apr - (unspecified)
visitors: 10,519
Fantastic architecture in the city walls

Fantastic architecture in the city walls

Details of our weekend break in Tallinn Estonia

6 photos
1 entries
1 locations

Family Only

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1 Jan - 31 Oct
visitors: 12,844
It was so great to be there

It was so great to be there

This is the private site for our families who are tracking our progress around the world. This will include more detailed information such as flight, ferry and bus details and addresses of accommodation, etc.

33 photos
20 entries
35 locations

Private travel blog - requires password to access

Kathy and Sharon... round the world!

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20 Aug - 14 Oct
visitors: 931,937
Cold but blinding salt - it was fab!

Cold but blinding salt - it was fab!

Well we've finally done it, we've stopped talking about travelling & actually started our trip round the world! The plan is to fly as few times as possible, so we began by taking the train & then picked up some trucks, buses, bikes, cars & boats...

1,656 photos
293 entries
177 locations