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Name: Keith Wilkinson

From: USA

About Me: I am a retired religious educator. I love meeting people, exploring new cultures, and learning about the world. Adventure and travel excite me, even at 73. Since 2008, I have wandered around the world three times. These are journeys of personal discovery. History, people, their cultures and religions all fascinate me. I desire to enrich my learning and experience as a traveler through life. In 2010, I made two additional trips to Nepal and India. A message on the back of one of my T-shirts says, "Not All Who Wander are Lost." That is my credo--to lose oneself in spirit of adventure is to find oneself as never before. Thanks to all who join me in my adventures.

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9 SepLast full day in Istanbul in a Police Station!
(Istanbul, Turkey)

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A Fourth Time Around the World!

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3 Sep - 12 Nov
visitors: 3,354


I'm off again...for my fourth trip around the world in the last six years. Join me as I visit Turkey, Nepal, India and Japan. Travel is my joy and challenge. Two books are now published: Around the World: A Solo Adventure and The World UPClose.

0 photos
6 entries
7 locations

A Wayward World 2013

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21 Sep - 29 Nov
visitors: 21,249


Fascinating. Dangerous. Delightful. The world seems to offer so much for the wayward traveler and the willing learner. Once begun, one does not stop exploring. Curiosity leads to knowledge and knowledge leads to more curiosity--a never-ending journey.

3 photos
26 entries
11 locations

Nepal and India 2013

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21 Apr - 17 May
visitors: 23,571
OKC's Will Rogers Airport

OKC's Will Rogers Airport

Being the spontaneous sort, I made a spur-of-the-moment decision to join a friend of mine who is in Nepal on a special project. Following a few days there, I will drop down to India and revisit dear friends.

54 photos
11 entries
10 locations

2012 Weddings in India

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14 Nov - 23 Jan
visitors: 60,107
Deepika and Suresh

Deepika and Suresh

My dear friend Suresh got married in Pushkar, India and I fulfilled my promise to attend. His was one of six weddings I attended. His sister, his future brother-in-law, and a friend also married. That was a lot of dancing in the streets!

111 photos
29 entries
13 locations

2012 Egypt and India

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10 Apr - 18 May
visitors: 63,673

I am traveling to Egypt for a few days and then on to India, where I will attend the wedding of a friend I made during my previous trips. It will be a joy to connect with friends in both countries.

127 photos
17 entries
10 locations

Three Times Around The World

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17 Sep - 19 Dec
visitors: 188,151
Beautiful mountains

Beautiful mountains

Ever notice how things come in threes? They really don't, but it's a way for our minds to group things. For me, it's a good way to justify my third personal around-the-world trip, exploring it's people and the cultures in which they live, hope, and dream.

482 photos
42 entries
18 locations

2010 Trip--From Kathmandu to Pushkar

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30 Sep - 24 Nov
visitors: 106,104
Knobby knees pulls ahead

Knobby knees pulls ahead

Here I go again, for the fourth time, to visit Nepal and India. The draw: close friends and incredible experiences from the mountains of Nepal to the deserts of Rajasthan India. I will be back in time for Hindu festivals and the great Pushkar Camel Fair.

339 photos
21 entries
7 locations

Nepal and India, May, 2010

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4 May - 4 Jun
visitors: 17,844


I am returning to two of my favorite places in May, 2010. My main purpose is to visit friends and to explore cultures of the various places and people I visit. This trip will be for only one month--May 4-June4, 2010, and only half-way around the world.

14 photos
6 entries
8 locations

Wandering the World Again!

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5 Sep - 23 Dec
visitors: 229,378
Tally ho or Giddyup

Tally ho or Giddyup

What does one do after completing a solo trip around the world? Well, how about turning around and going around again the opposite direction? Plus, what better way to celebrate turning 70 than doing it traveling! Join me for another adventure.

637 photos
53 entries
28 locations

Wandering Around The World

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18 Jan - 25 May
visitors: 356,070
Standing before temples

Standing before temples

What possesses a 68 year-old man to quit his part-time retirement jobs and wander around the world? Well, the world is there, it's round, and it beckons the adventurer. My dream is to experience people and their cultures. Join me as I wander the planet!

1,036 photos
83 entries
26 locations