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Name: David Cooney

From: Ireland

About Me: Flying into South America on Oct 1st 07 and working upwards from Brazil, through Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia and over to Cuba for Xmas. From there flying into Mexico for remaining few weeks...then to really finish this trip in style, going to meet my bro Peter coo and others in Rio de Janeiro (again!) to experience the famous carnival atmosphere in early February, the craic no doubt will be mighty!

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Daegu, Korea - South

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16 DecMacchu Pichu
(Cuzco Machu Picchu Inka Trail, Peru)

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Daegu South Korea Part 2

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5 May - (unspecified)
visitors: 2,318


check out the latest pics from my stay here in Daegu, South Korea

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Website photos

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11 Apr - (unspecified)
visitors: 6,965
kids in frames

kids in frames

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Me and Rana in Beijing NYear 08/09

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29 Dec - (unspecified)
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Me and Rana in front of the Cube

Me and Rana in front of the Cube

A few pics from our short trip to Beijing, China

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Teaching English in Daegu, South Korea

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25 Mar - (unspecified)
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Me with d kids

Me with d kids

Hi all, check out my pictures and videos of South Korea, will be updating this over the next few weeks...feel free to leave messages! Also you can check out my 4 month trip through south america, just click on the link half way down on the left hand side!

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South America 2007

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30 Sep - 9 Feb
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hangliding over rio

hangliding over rio

Take a read of my diary and feel free to leave messages!

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