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Name: Tony and Shirley Seager and Barnes

From: New Zealand

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651 photos
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Brewerton NY, USA

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16 SepHeading for Winterization
(Brewerton NY, USA)

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The Turtles take to the Water in the US of A

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24 Aug - (unspecified)
visitors: 109,474
Headquarters in Holland

Headquarters in Holland

Hi again. We have embarked on our Great Loop trip - an epic journey by MotorYacht from Lake Michigan down the river system to Mobile in the Gulf of Mexico, eastwards to Florida, up the East Coast to New York then through the canals back to the Great Lakes

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The Turtles round OZ

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15 Aug - (unspecified)
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Cool Mural

Cool Mural

Hi from The Turtles. We have had a bit of a break in our trip - spent some time in Queensland and NZ this year- and are now off again so will restart the log. Thanks to all those who made nice comments about it - we apparently have to keep it going now

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