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Tourism-boosting attractions at Disney World Florida 2013

The wonderful world of Walt Disney has an undeniable WOW factor that draws in millions of visitors from around the globe. Year in year out the appeal never seems to wane and frankly, it's hardly any wonder when you consider the sheer scale of it.

With today's average number of annual visitors already hovering around the 16m mark, just how will DisneyWorld Florida attract more tourists and sell more Walt Disney World tickets than ever before? In a nutshell, they're going to do it in style! 2013 promises to be a great year for Disney devotees. With more than a hundred Disney World attractions already available in Florida, visitors can expect to enjoy lots of recent updates, as well as an abundance of exciting, highly anticipated new additions.

Buying and making the most of attraction tickets Florida-style can serve up some of the most memorable once-in-a-lifetime experiences. The projected forecasts of some tourism experts show that record numbers of visitors could be coming into Orlando, Florida's largest inland state in 2013. With more than a staggering 4m tourists expected, you wouldn't bet against record turnouts in Disney World too, right? Check out ticket sites to find out about all the attractions Florida has on show!

Little over a year ago, Disney World Florida even gave President Obama a warm welcome as he addressed an array of tourism experts. Highlighting the significant impact that prolific parks such as Disney World have on more political sectors such as employment or the US economy, he said:
" I directed my administration to send me a new national tourism strategy focused on creating jobs, and some of America's most successful business leaders; some who are here today, have signed up to help. We're going to see how we can make it easier for foreign tourists to find basic information about visiting America and we're going to see how we can attract more tourists to our national parks. We want people visiting not just Epcot Centre, but the Everglades too. The more folks who visit America, the more Americans we get back to work. It's that simple."

Here are five new crowd-pulling attractions to make 2013 even more magical.

  1. This spring brings the Crystal anniversary of Disney's Animal Kingdom, where there's sure to be a big surprise in store for those who get stuck in with the celebratory monkey business!
  2. Disney Princesses promise resplendence at Magic Kingdom Park's brand new addition in New Fantasyland, where the Princess Fairytale Hall will host daily meet 'n' greets with Disney royalty!
  3. 2013 brings a mesmeric remake of the wonderful Wizard of Oz. To celebrate, the Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival presents its fantastically interactive, play-filled Land of Oz.
  4. Limited Time Magic promises to surprise visitors and to stretch their imagination with an array of entertaining and unique events that are also sure to draw huge, delighted crowds.
  5. Downtown Disney now features Splitsville Luxury Lanes, a towering two-tier structure that's open to for all the family, along with its abundance of banqueting, billiards and bowling!