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Wednesday 12 Jan
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Day 93: Goodbye South America

We completed our South America travel leg and headed to Central America. What we've seen for the past 3 months has been magnificient. Be it the mountains, glaciers or the ancient city of Manchu Pichu, South America is full of beautiful sights. Not to mention their beautiful people. They are not outstanding friendly but are nice and approachable. Somehow maybe it's their stern looks or it's just not common to see Asians in this region that they don't often smile. 

Would love to explore the other countries like Brazil, Venezuela or even Colombia. Unfortunately our trip was pretty short to cover the remaining countries. Some other time I guess. Oh ya, before we came here, we have this worrying feelings that SA is a rough, gun branding continent. 3 months here has put me some what at easy, simple common safety sense one still need to apply. Ya I didn't got a chance to visit Brazil, did I mentioned about a Brazillian guy we met somewhere in Chile who joked about the number of times he was mugged in Sao Paulo.

Goodbye South America and Hello Central America. Our flight from BA to Guatemala wasn't a direct one. Had to fly to Lima then to San Salvador and finally to Guatemala. Whole journey took close to 15hours since the transit time in Lima was around 6 hours.

We will be joined by another 2 travel buddies, XD and Ah Hak  for the remaining part of the journey. Of course Pam will leave after Guatemala as she has to go back to work. 

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