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Friday 7 Mar
El Chalten, Argentina

Trekking to the FitzRoy

For breakfast we had treated ourselves to some local sausages - 2 for breakfast and we planned to cook 2 for lunch with rolls. It felt really lovely to have a coffee and watch them cook. However they don't really eat pork here like we do at home so they were chorizo-y - but still needed cooking- however this meant they stayed pinky and needed a lot of cooking. So by the time we had eaten them we were a bit over it! Also, as they were reddy we were not 100% they were properly cooked- so not the best breakfast!

Then off to hike to the Fitzroy base camp (Laguna dos tres). It was a 25k round trip hike- initially the cloud came in so we didn't have much view. The middle of the hike is through lots of greenery in the valley- which was lovely to see. The streams running through are crystal clear- you can see every pebble in the river. The last hour of the hike was a tough steep rocky ascent- there was sleet/snow coming at us and the visibility was poor. When we got to the top (which was supposed to be the Fitzroy view) we couldn't see much - a clear blue lake underneath the snowy peaks. On the way back though the weather cleared and we could see the majestic granite peaks. We were just chuffed we could see them eventually! It was a lovely sunny walk back.

In town we packed up our tent again, went for a drink and a pizza and waited for our next bus- a night bus north. We haven't hitched this bit because a) our 24 hour wait last time and b) someone told us it was only tourist buses going that way so not possible to hitchhike. Initially we noticed how nice it was to be on a bus- scheduled departures and not having to chit chat with someone. Then we noticed how boring it was to just sit there! When you hitch you are involved, chatting, and so grateful for the lift that time passes quickly.
The wind is so strong here that the tree outside the bus station had a metal wire attaching it to the ground (although the tree had been windswept into a curved shape anyway).

Certain words will always remind us of Patagonia; Viento (wind), Cordero (lamb), campo (countryside), camiones (lorries)

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