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Monday 7 Jun
Scarborough, Australia

Didgeridoo, Didgeridone

Hi all, this is a sad last post from Australia.

We have been in Scarborough for over a week now, spending some time in Perth and bizarrely in winter, spending some days on the beach. Scarborough is in an early winter quiet season, except for surfers who are relentless in their quest for the perfect wave, they need to be very patient. This strip of coast, being west facing onto the Indian Ocean is known as the Sunset Coast. We went down to the beach to watch a sunset and were richly rewarded. First we saw a pair of dolphins lazily looping just out of reach of the surfers. Then the natural light show, as the setting sun lit the clouds in a darkening sky was spectacular. As we left the beach in the near dark the surfers were still out there seeking wave performance perfection.

Liz and I did our usual summary of likes and dislikes of Australia, it was 95% positive about this great country. We have loved many things but some items such as the wonderful natural environment and the mostly excellent built environment were high on our list. The people are mostly lovely, big hearted and friendly, with that direct no-nonsense Aussie humour. The outdoors is very important here, the parks have barbeques free to use, they are immaculate, cleaned after use and maintained by the local authorities, no hint of vandalism or missuse. Our 5% negatives were Bowden old chestnuts I am afraid. I dislike (how could you like?) paying 10 dollars (6 pounds) for a pint of beer. Liz's natural distrust of snakes was supported by a quote in a local newspaper...." only 190 of the world's 2000 species of snake are venomous but 135 live in Australia." There is much British influence here but we have loved the differences. We have learned new words, Hooning (driving fast like a lunatic, doing skids), Pokies (slot machines), Bogans (riff raff), Rort (financial wrong doing), are just a few. We have learned new things, for example bank notes are plastic, they look and feel like paper but are a top quality polymer product. We have learned that Australia has problems that we do not have. Trade is mainly with far away Asian neighbours, China is consuming many of the natural resources. The integration of the Aboriginal people with western society has been a disaster for the Aboriginal people, and remains a very very difficult problem.

So (we can't believe it) we are coming home this week and will arrive bleary eyed on Friday. We are definitely looking forward to being home and particularly looking forward to seeing everyone. We have missed everything that we take for granted at home and if we have learned anything it is to appreciate what we have. I intend to do one more summary blog when we get back, but other than that my blogging days are coming to an end, as this year's travels are. Love to all from Liz and Andy.

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Jen Says:

7 June

Sounds like your last week has been great dad and im really glad,but we miss you now, get home!!!! :) xxxxxxxxxx

Jan Says:

7 June

Look forward to seeing you soon and a safe journey home. loadsaluvxxx

trish Says:

8 June

i am emotional - that was such a nice finale - i have thoroughly enjoyed 'living your dream' with you - what fantastic stories you can tell the grandchildren - if you get the bug and need a companion-i could always carry your case. safe trip & well done

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Fantastic Trinity Beach

Fantastic Trinity Beach

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