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Thursday 9 Nov
Adelaide, Australia

Gettin' Keen

Less than a month now before we take off and its creepin' up fast. Putting off packing up the house but not that much time left as Em and I head over to Melbs for a long weekend on the 23rd to say our goodbyes to my family and mates over there, which leaves us with just 3 weekends before we depart!!

Our spanish lessons are going muy bien considering we don't study as much as we should. But our teacher Lisa is kick ass and making our learning experience a relaxed and fun one.

Startin' to get keen!!!!

Hasta luego

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Pat Murphy Says:

23 December

any chance you folks still read this page? get a hold of me.

Dave & Em go Latin

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High on love...

High on love...

Now we´re engaged, I guess things are gonna be different.....thats right Daves under the thumb and has to do what he´s told, Em´s callin´the shots from here on in.....stay tuned to see what happens......Gotta go, I can hear Em calling...

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