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Friday 4 May 2007
Blue Mountains, Australia

And the sun sets on our last day with Kenny...

Kenny has been a little bit of a glutton. He gorges on petrol like it grows on trees and ingurgitates (what a great word!) oil (3 cans so far) like a junkie needing a fix. But we love him anyway. So much so that we are seriously considering getting another van in NZ. It might be a little chilly but hey at least we'll get to pretend to be naughty teenagers and sleep on the streets again. I think we need to get out more and have some REAL fun! Melbourne friends prepare to embrace some serious hangovers...

We were true to our word and walked for about 3 hours today including 1000 steps down and 1000 up. We kept up a decent pace as the walk was meant to take 4-5 hours so I'm sure we'll feel it in our bones tomorrow. This area is stunning and the mountains are indeed a hazy blue (apparently from the oil of the Eucalyptus tree), the 3 sisters (3 towers of rock) are awesome and the views are stupendous from Echo Point - get your Pic Fix Here. . A bit of a bonus is a rather earthy/punky vibe in town with lots of cool cafes & thrift shops (or like I read the other day - 'once loved clothes' shops). A cynic would say more like the clothes no-one ever loved and therefore new enough looking to try and palm off on someone else.

Tomorrow we are off to Sydney. Have not even read the chapter yet but already have plans to meet up with some friends which will be great.

I have a sneaky suspicion that Sydney is going to be way trendier than anything in my backpack.

Damn, we'll have to go shopping again!

In keeping with the spirit of helping fellow travellers, good friends of ours Dean & Nadine are finally off on their odyssey of a journey - please check out their blog Here.

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  • The 3 Sisters...

    Blue Mountains


    The 3 Sisters rock formations in the Blue Mountain National Park
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    Blue Mountains


    Some of the incredible rainforest-like scenery perused on our walk
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    Blue Mountains


    Another great shot showing the vista of the Blue Mountains
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    Blue Mountains


    Shanna powering ahead through the lovely forest