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Tuesday 15 May 2007
Great Ocean Road, Australia

The Great Ocean of Biliousness

Pay heed to some good advice.

Don't go on a long sight-seeing drive after going clubbing. Just not the brightest idea.

The sign saying 'bends for the next 70km' is a real punch in the face when you are close to releasing your innards. Ooohhh it was such a LOVELY drive.

After we got used to the fact that we just were not going to feel any better, we got on with the business of viewing the scenery. And of course it was mind-blowing as one would expect. We took in Bell's beach (famous for a powerful point break & the world championship surfing contest each Easter), it was a little deflated in terms of waves but very pretty.

We then had lunch in Lorne at 'Arab' which had been open since 1956 & by the amount of oil in my dish, they had probably also been 'killing since 1956' too!Laugh The day ended with the classic view of The 12 Apostles . Now there aren't really 12 of them and apparently there never were and I would just like to mention that in Cape Town we also have the 12 Apostles. And there are actually 12 (I think). Not that I'm showing off or anything.

We spent the night in Port Campbell in a rather dodgy granny's home type hostel where Andrew made friends with the neighbours first thing by spilling their freshly brewed Italian coffee all over the floor. Our instant coffee was ready before they even managed to remake theirs. Hhmm we made a quick escape before the knives came out.

We spent a lot of time getting in and out of the car the next morning viewing the Arch, Bay of Islands, London Bridge, the Grotto etc until I told Andrew that I was starting to deeply resent these bloody rocks and that it was time to head back to Melbourne. Again I am assuming the clubbing had a big part to play in my 'face flushing' lack of enthusiasm for this once in a lifetime experience. The treachery of this body... until I spoke to a friend who told me she didn't even get out the car for the 12 Apostles. Made me feel much better (won't name and shame but you know who you are Wink and I love you for it).

If I am coming across as less than impressed this was not the case. The Great Ocean Road is stunning make no mistakes and I was lucky enought to see a koala in the wild during one of my lie downs in the car. If I had not been supine dying, I would never have seen it. As most Aussies know, a koala in the wild is a rare sight indeed.

I took it to mean that going clubbing was 'A' okay and that I should continue with this sort of tom foolery in the future. Cheesy

We've managed to upload a selection of the magnificent series of pics that give an impression of our time on the GOR - check them out here...

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Photo Album

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    Great Ocean...


    Bell's Beach - those of you who have seen Point Break............
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    Great Ocean...


    The Great Ocean Road coastline in Victoria
  • Finally! ...

    Great Ocean...


    Finally!  We'd been trying to get a pic of a 'koala' sign for 5 weeks.
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    Great Ocean...


    The 12 Apostles @ sunset - incredible.