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Wednesday 2 May
Lower Hunter Valley, Australia

Reverting to type...cheese, wine and more wine. And more cheese.

Since we spend so much time actually consuming Australian wines we thought it only right to visit the place where some of them are born.

We spent a very interesting and very shall we say 'nourishing' day visiting Tyrrells, Pepper Tree, Hungerford Hill, Small Wine Makers Centre, Australian Foodstore, Blue Tongue Brewery, McGuigan, Roche, Hunter Cheese Factory and the wonderfully named the Smelly Cheese shop - click Here for a few choice pics . We also managed 2 wine tours & a talk on making cheese. The Pepper Tree tour was a private affair with the Manager and included a VIP tasting of all their top wines. OMG, I was in heaven.

I can't believe we managed all of that in one day, but we did start at 9am sharp when they opened and finished at 5pm when they closed. Talk about eeking it for every drop (if you'll excuse the pun). Well the tastings were free. Can you believe that? A basic tasting in London's Vinopolis is 16 quid! If I had known, we would have scheduled in a week.

Graeme, we tried a Gewurtzaminer in your honour. Still sweet I'm afraid. Wink And managed to outwit the breathaliser tests in the tasting rooms, or it may have been me just thinking I was outwitting them when really I was behaving like the town drunk.Wink

Alas, we have only 1 day to go before Kenny must be returned so we had to leave the beloved place of the free wine and lots of cheese (we actually managed 6 blocks on top of the tastings in the 24 hours that we were there - must be a new all time record).

Off to the Blue Mountains to walk it all off tomorrow. Me thinks we'll need more than a day of walking to burn it all off...

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Us loving the island life

Us loving the island life

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Photo Album

  • One of the...

    Lower Hunter...


    One of the sources of our downfall - we can reliably confirm that it is indeed Smelly with a capital S.
  • Us looking...

    Lower Hunter...


    Us looking understandably happy after tasting the superb wines that the Pepper Tree Winery has to offer
  • Shanna...

    Lower Hunter...


    Shanna enjoying a glass of the Bluetongue alcoholic ginger beer.  Yes, if you get bored of wine, there's always alcoholic ginger beer.  Which isn't sweet at all - in fact it's just ginger created using lager brewing methods - go figure.
  • Andrew...

    Lower Hunter...


    Andrew looking mean & moody in his winery-tour-helmet.  Must be the stress of all the wine tasting ;-)