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Tuesday 30 Dec
Sydney, Australia

Return to OZ

Africa left behind we headed back to the familiar territory of Sydney. We were pretty excited to be heading back as we loved it before and we would meet up with Bob, ken's brother and our mate Mick. After a flight with some of the most disgusting food ever, those of you planning to fly Quantas be warned , we touched down in Sydney . Had to show customs my hiking boots -  don't they flippin know they are at the bottom of you bag!!!! A train and taxi ride later we were checked into our hotel and on our way to the city centre. We decided to live it up on our first night and headed to Harry's cafes de wheels in Woolomalloo Bay. It's not posh at all, but the pies are pretty good. We headed up to Kings Cross to meet Bob and Aoife, introduced them to the Old Fitzroy- its still a great spot!

The next day was new years eve. We went to watch  the fire works in Rushcutters Bay. It was like a gathering of backpackers, people everwhere. The fireworks were amazing, really excellent and they last for something like 20 minutes. Having rang in the new year the police were moving on the crowd when Ken and Junior came across an abondoned cool bag of burgers and sausages, a bag of of BBQ coals and a BBQ. Never a guy to pass up a free meal and it being sufficiently late enough for the mischief to be be in full swing Ken insisted it would be very wrong to let all that meat go to waste. The cops said we could go to the next park no problem. So this is how it came about that at 4am on New Years Day we were sitting in a park cooking burgers! Some start to 2009!

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Fran Says:

2 January

That sounds like very good way to start newyear. your photos are out of this world and it is good to see use are ok talk soon

Grace heywood Says:

6 January

Happy New Year guys

marie mccabe Says:

8 January

great pictures

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jacqui would love to do it

jacqui would love to do it

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