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Monday 27 Apr
Sydney, Australia

Oz baby!

Gday mates!


utterly bizarre that everyone is speaking english. Speshly here cause everywhere is called english names. Walked down Oxford street today, past Covent Garden, along the Strand, through Hyde Park, and am getting the coach to Newcastle in a day or too. Madness.

Good tour of the city today, saw the harbour bridge, ate lunch on the steps of the opera house. saw the botanic gardens etc. all very pretty and lovely. am enjoying Oz

Have a V. limited time here though, something which is only just dawning on me as i realise how massive Australia really is.

So POWERING up the coast. hopefully getting to Byron the day after tomorrow.  Then Surfers Paradise, Brisbane, Fraiser Island....who knows. No card, so nothing booked as of yet. Hopefully this won't be too much of an issue....hopefully.

Getting my debit card back tomorrow though YAY! and still have much traveller cheque money left.

So should be alllllll good :)


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Emmy Says:

27 April

Enjoy australia you lucky lucky thing! if you bump into boyd tell him i love him and i'm waiting for him. but not quite as much as i love you. xxx

Grandpa Says:

27 April

Fresh perils now await you: to name only two, funnel web spiders and salt water sharks (known locally as salties). Furthermore, of the 14 most venomous snakes in the world, 10 live in Australia. Return home at once - all is forgiven.



Jessa Says:

27 April

RE Grandpa's comment below: amazing banter. He may have forgiven you but I haven't because I am SOOO jealous of your frolics and fun. Don't worry abt not having long in Oz when you get to NZ you will be glad you have a long time there cos it's AMAZING!x

Jessa Says:

27 April

Also, although we can see Newcastle on the map where you are, there are also places called Dubbo and Wagga Wagga which sound a lot more Australian to me! I had forgotten how much I love to adopt a bad Australian accent! If you meet anyone that's been...

Jessa Says:

27 April

... out there for any length of time you will notice they have picked up the accent straight away, apparently it is very catching indeed! xxx

Maddie Says:

27 April

GAAAAH. Australia. AUSTRALIA. This is madness. Enjoy yourself you fabulousness :D


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