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Wednesday 12 Aug
Sydney, Australia

We made it!! And it's Cold.........

Well after 10 and a half hours of flight we finally landed in Sydney! The flight was not bad at all we actually had a half full flight so we had 4 seats all to ourselves. Laina slept half the flight and I slept the other half. We had no problems coming thru customs apart from Laina almost getting arrested and getting a 1000.00 dollar fine for taking a picture of me in the airport! we talked our way outta the ticket and made our way into the city. First of all it is friggin freezing here, (compared to Maui at least) secondly it is reeeeally expensive! we took a 15 min taxi ride from the airport and it cost us $50.00, bottle of water cost 3.50 and a coke cost the same! Our hotel is nice but again freezing! I think it is colder in the room then it is outside.... We cant figure out how to work the heater and our shower consists of a seat in the bathroom with a view of the toilet... We definetly are aware of the fact we are in a new country and are going out today to try to get used to it. We are not sure how long we will spend in Sydney but Im sure we will be here at least a week. We will keep ya'll updated on where we are! Miss our family, friends and bungaloids already! Hope to hear from you all soon!

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Nick Says:

12 August

Isaac check your hotmail, I hit up a friend I have in Melbourne and he sent me some links that should be helpful for you and Laina. Take care Bro.

Apes Says:

13 August

yayyyyyy!!! so good to hear from you guys! glad to hear you landed safe!!
i'm going to be your #1 fan on here- so write lots!! miss you both & some advice to help stretch your travel dollar - you guys should just start stealing stuff - that's free. xoxo


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