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Sunday 25 Feb 2007
Sihanoukville, Cambodia

Working hard on those tans...

After a few days in Phnom Penh we were ready to head down to the beach to clean out our livers. Had a bit of a binge night when the electricity died. We decided that we couldn't possibly go home in the dark... Landed up at the Drunken Frog for far too many cocktails and acoustic guitar tunes. This lead us to the Heart of Darkness, one of SE Asia's hot spots for a bit of more liver bashing before ending it off at Howie's to really nail the hangover home. Met some great people though that night and a wicked time was had by all. At 8.30pm the next day we finally started to feel human again.

Sihanoukville is pretty much a laid back beach town and unfortunately it too is not the spot to detox. My God how hard is it to avoid partying? Wink Had a big night again at Utopia where they were giving out free shots on an ice luge. It would have been plain rude to say no! Met up with some great South African brothers, Mike and Stu, who we have been hanging out with - turns out they go to the same parties as us in the UK and we know loads of people in common. Small world.

Other than eating and drinking we are still working hard on those tans. We are taking this very seriously and are practising with a similar dedication to that which will be expected when we return to work.

Note to self: work even harder tomorrow.


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Us loving the island life

Us loving the island life

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