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Wednesday 27 Sep
Lhasa , China

The head has been shaved

Back again in Lhasa and we went for a great adventure with John (1 of the Kiwis) to the Ganden Monastery. We decided to get a cab as the only bus went at 6:30am and that sounded like a bit too much of a harsh waking time to us (we are on holiday after all Cheesy). After about 5 near death experiences on the way there and more on the way back (our taxi driver must have been a Formula One driver in a past life) we were rewarded with stupendous views.

The best news is that Sas and Dan pulled a rabbit out a hat and thankfully no sticky fingers got to it before us - our camera arrived! Thank you, thank you, thank you guys - we owe you big time. We had harrassed the girls at reception so much about this parcel, that when it arrived the 3 of them came running towards us screaming 'parcel! parcel!' - I think they were even more excited than us if that is possible. We were all jumping up and down with delight!

Another bit of news is that I have shaved my head again. It took about 10 minutes of convincing the hair dresser (I use the term lightly) that this was indeed what I wanted him to do. After gesticulating wildly between the head shaver, my head and Andrews' we finally got through and he managed to shave it off all in one piece with the pony attached so that I can donate it to a children's cancer charity I had an audience of about 10 crowded around me from the street as they had obviously not seen this kind of crazy behaviour from a Western woman before.

I am getting used the stares on the street and mostly I am feeling smug - no more washing, brushing or annoyance for at least a few months - YEY!

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