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Wednesday 27 Aug 2014
Sapzurro, Colombia

Todo South America!

So today is our last day in South America! We have mission accomplished and still can’t really believe we have been to every country in South America. Time has flown by in one way, but in another it feels like we have been away for ages.

We cooked up a little packet of chicken soup for lunch and then went to a meeting about our tour with the others coming on it. It is a group of 25- which at first made us feel dread!! But it seems to be an older crowd of mostly couples so similar to us (on the backpacking scene we are now oldies!!). We took a dip in the sea- from the shore we saw a stingray, then got the boat around to the next village with the others where we are starting the tour (Sapzurro). We checked into the hostel together- we are sharing a dorm but it had a double bed in that we nabbed which was nice. Then we walked to Panama (it took about 20 minutes and you had to check in with immigration but not stamp into Panama). We walked to a beach called ‘La Meil’ (Honey). It was HEAVEN! I had started to think that white sand and turquoise water was a holy grail that we were never going to find as I imagined it…. But we found it!! The water was so clear even when deep you could see the ripples in the sand. It shone turquoise. It was stunningly beautiful- what an introduction to Central America! On the way to the beach we heard the noise of howler monkeys, saw blue crabs all over the grass, saw a Hummingbird. On the beach there was a duty free shop so we bought some wine, chocolate (White toblerone) and some pringles.

We had enough money scraped together (along with using 1 dollar) to get the set meal with the others- which turned out to be a very disappointing dry fish, dry rice and a new potato. We sat with others in the group and chatted until late which was really nice- although most of the conversations turned to nice food we like or have had- everyone has been disappointed with the food in South America and the lack of veg!!

Our top 10 recommended experiences of South America.

Now we have been to every country in South America we started chatting about our top 10 (not in any particular order)

  1. Salts flats, Salar de Uyuni tour, Bolivia

    This 3 day standard tour is definitely one of the most amazing experiences/sights- the salt flats are completely out of this world


  2. Watching the Geysers at sunrise, San Pedro de Atacama, Chile

    This was completely epic


  3. Trekking the W route, Torres del Paine, Chile

    It’s a really rewarding multi-day trek with 3 amazing views- one new view for each new day.


  4. Watching giant leatherback turtles lay eggs and hatch, Cayenne, French Guiana


  5. Iguazu Falls, Brazil

    For us this waterfall is the most breathtaking in the world- over Angel falls and Kaitur falls


  6. Wildlife watching in the Pantanal, Brazil

    We saw more wildlife in the Pantanal than anywhere else including along the Amazon


  7. Machu Picchu, Peru

    It was everything we hoped it would be


  8. Seeing the top of Mount Roraima, Venezuela

    It was a completely different world- crystal valleys, moonscapes, carnivorous plants.


  9. Buenos Aires, Argentina

    Red wine, steak, tango- it met all of our expectations and more, its wonderful


  10. Glacier Perito Merino, Argentina

    Watching huge chunks of ice fall off right before your eyes it unbelievable and you can get so close

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