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Friday 13 Apr
San Jose, Costa Rica

Pura Vida

Been in Costa Rica now for 2 and a bit weeks......who knows, time doesnt matter here.......only Pura Vida (the countries ethos - Pure Life)
So the epic bus journey from Honduras was so long ago that the pain has been forgotten. Got to Puerto Viejo on the Carribean coast of Costa Rica and slipped into the Pura Vida way with ease. In San Jose we bumped into Dean, Sarah and Nick who we met in Utila and they decided to head to the coast with us. Started off staying at this crazy hostel called Rocking Js which is floor to wall mosaics and Hammocks.......plenty of hammocks. With Semana Santa (easter holidays) shifting into gear we got the hell outa there and found a nice little pad litterally opposite the beach break down the road on Cocles beach. Hired some cruiser bikes and did plenty of cruisin'.
Scored good waves there for 3 days, then it went flat and they held a local surf comp.
Good times, but too many crazy nights with John, Dean, Sarah and Nick. Oh yeah we met up with John again from Guatemala and El Salvador.
If your heading there make sure you have brekky at Bread and Chocolate.......Em was stoked to move away from Eggs rice and beans for a change.
The crew at our guesthouse were gold. Great names for Rastas too......Donald and Eric. Donald was 25 and shacked up with Nueme (Mama) who owned the place and was also 45. I put my foot in my mouth when I asked if Donald was here son.....classic. Every day a DJ pumped Reggae outta the kitchen and in the evenings local guys would MC over the music. Impressive stuff until it got late and every man and his dog was welcome behind the mike.
Bussed it back to San Jose and then over to the Pacific side for a swell that was too good to miss out on. Em couldn't control her excitement. I owe her big time, aint she great! It was us, John and an english couple we met, Tom and Helen.
Stayed at Dominical which is known for its hollow beach break. Surfed the point up the road as it was firing.
Two days of 6-8ft left point action. John missed it sick in bed. Tom and I were lovin'it.
Hired a car for a day, checked out the vicinity. Bloooooody Beauuuuutiful. So dense with lush greenery. Unfortunately lots of mansions going up around the area. Gringos movin in full force.
Back in San Jose now. Looking for flights to South America. Prices are off the ricta for some reason. So heard on the grapevine (Dean and Sarah) that Panama city is the way to go for a cheaper entry point into the South. So its a 15 hr night bus for us esta noche at 10pm to Panama City.
Got some snacks and have charged the MP3 player. Its time to hit the road....
Pura VidaCheesy
P.S. dont be frightend by the horrific tache......hadn't shaved for a while so got a little experimental on my ass. Em loves it!!!!!

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