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Saturday 18 Nov 2006
Arambol, India

Sun, sea, sand and partying. Andrew and Shanna heaven.

India! India! India! You have to love her to be here.

Let me give you our experience at the post office this morning to illustrate. It closed at 5pm last night so we get there at 4.45pm to send our parcel.

'No sorry we are closing - best you come back tomorrow'.
'What time do you open?'
'9am but best you come at 10am so we have time to open'
'And you need 2 copies of your passport and 3 copies of the declaration form'
'Where do we get the declaration form from?'
'Me, but only tomorrow'

So we trudge down again to the post office and spend half an hour upstairs at the tailors to get our parcel sown (best not to ask why, but this is the way all parcels are sent from India), we go downstairs where we discover that there is only one copy of the declaration form so we have to find somewhere to photocopy it, then I have to fill out my name, addresses, blood group blah blah 3 times on each of the photocopies... and on it goes. The British really gave these guys bureaucracy and they are holding on to it for dear life!

Anyway enough of my little rant. Arambol is gorgeous. Chilled out Goan life with lots of yummy restaurants and 2km of white beaches surrounded by palm trees. And cheap as anything - dinner for 2 the other night was about 1 pound 50p. We are also loving that there are loads of Israelis around here because that means Israeli food and we are Shakshukkering and hummousing left right and centre between the staple fruit salads, curd and muesli. YUM.

We arrived in time for the market in Anjuna (massive market held every Wednesday about an hour away) and landed up going to sleep at 4.30pm the next day. Well after all the shopping and sundowners, Paradiso called and then the after party called... and then well you know how it goes. We are still recovering!

We have also managed to get pretty brown in the few days we have been here and have spent hours down and at the beach and in the water - we really don't want to leave but we are very excited because my parents are here in Delhi being looked after by Raj and Raj (guide and driver) and I feel like my kids have arrived and am constantly texting them to find out how things are going like a worried Jewish mom.

So we are enjoying our last few days here in the sun - have met up with Olivia too (from trekking in Nepal) which was a nice surprise - and then off to Delhi and then Himachal Pradesh with the folks. Hopefully to be picked from the crowd by the Dalai Lama to be blessed as I'm sure he will see how at one we are with the world after our ashram experience.

Om Shanti.

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Us loving the island life

Us loving the island life

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    View of impromptu street theatre performance on Anjuna beach - and she was really good!
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    Great view of sunset from bar on Anjuna beach - note Shanna's bloody mary in the foreground :-)