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Monday 9 Apr
Bali, Indonesia

End of days Asia : (

We have been in Asia for almost 9 months now and we just had our first full body oil massage today. And WE ARE LEAVING TOMORROW!!! What damned fools. I don't like being touched by strangers at the best of times so never really got round to it. And it is only $5 for an hour!!! Stupid, stupid girl. It was amazing.

The run up to it was very funny too as I had convinced Andrew that they would make him strip naked. I had as evidence a recent spotting of a naked guy getting 'body lotioned' by a tiny Indonesian whilst he was standing up in his curtained off area after getting an exfoliation. Okay... okay so I was peaking through a convenient opening in the curtain whilst having my pedicure - leaning far back with my neck straining... pretty pathetic really. And I can tell you the man was enjoying it!

Anyway I had told this story to Andrew so he was feeling a little freaked out and was very relieved when she told him to leave his undies on. I was of course giggling like a woman possessed into my pillow Cheesy

Onto Bali... we had all these grand plans of discovering the island but all we've done is discover the awesome restaurants, the fab shops and the decent beach - check out the pics here.

We blame this on a slight mishap with our hotel booking - we booked, they had given the room away kinda thing. Normally in a hostel they would have said 'sorry mate but piss off now will yah?' but this was our treat place so he had to make us happy when we put on our very unhappy Mad faces.

All turned out good, as we spent the first night in a 4* hotel which was a welcome treat especially as I insisted we take up our free dinner offer that was included in our deal at the 4* plekkie. RESULT!

Anway all that bother meant we haven't got around to much action. Bollocky excuse I know but it is all I have.

Off tomorrow to Oz. It is going to be very strange not to be constantly harrassed every time we leave the hotel - although those Ozzies can be dodgy too I suppose...Wink

Woo hoo g'day mate - down under we go...

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Us loving the island life

Us loving the island life

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