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Sunday 25 Mar 2007
Cemoro Lawang, Indonesia

Up at the crack again

Gunung Bromo is a most impressive sight indeed. It is an active volcano lying at the centre of the Tengger Massif. The Tengger crater stretches for about 10km and its steep walls plunge down into a vast sea of lava sand. Bromo is one of an impressive 129 active volcanos (the most of any country) that reside in Indonesia. It last erupted in 2004, but now it just sits and smokes and looks amazing surrounded by other incredible peaks and cones providing an almost supernatural landscape.

So off we trooped at 4am in a jeep with a lovely Belgian couple to watch the sun rise - a promised impressive sight* (*terms and conditions apply). The T's and C's include the fact that dawn = thick cloud cover in the rainy season and then you might as well stay in bed! It was the rainy season... however, we struck it lucky - after an hour or two of feeling very dumb staring at nothing but the whisps of some impressive Nimbostratus and Cumulus Mediocris we were rewarded with everything we had come so far to see - Pics here.

We were also able to climb the smoking peak of Bromo and smell its foul sulphuric innards. We were quickly surrounded by the ever keen locals who wanted to sell us bunches of dried flowers to offer to the God of Bromo - we declined on the grounds that no God this smelly deserves a reward!

We also spent some well deserved down time reading and recuperating in our super friendly hostel, the Lava Hotel where I chowed down on the spags with tomato sauce at every meal. Yep - every meal. Yum. Andrew did the same with the Egg and Cheese burger. The comfort food was balanced with some healthy outdoor activity and we explored the surrouding farmlands cooing and ahhing at how 'cabbage patch kid' it looked.

I'm sure the locals don't think it is that cute to rise at 5am to hoe their land by hand, but it certainly made for some quaint pictures and we avidly discussed our fantasy version of their idyllic country lifestyle. In reality it is probably bloody hard and sucks! Wink

Mmm lucky us - another treat. This time a 18 hour bus trip to take us to Senggigi in Lombok.


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Us loving the island life

Us loving the island life

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Photo Album

  • Self portrait...

    Cemoro Lawang


    Self portrait of us looking rightly chuffed at having got up @ 3:30 to view dawn over Gunung Bromo
  • Dawn over...

    Cemoro Lawang


    Dawn over Gunung Bromo - spectacular
  • Our first of...

    Cemoro Lawang


    Our first of many pics of the Tennger Massif - check out how Gunung Semeru is starting to give off steam
  • The cloud has...

    Cemoro Lawang


    The cloud has cleared away quite a bit now and you can see Gunung Bromo smoking in the left foreground whilst Semeru continues to smoke in the background.