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Tuesday 10 Jul 2007
Livarno, Italy

On the ship

Well, after a wonderful morning in London visiting Kensington Park and the Princess Diana Memorial Children's Park, plus chasing some ducks and squirrels, we headed back to the airport to fly to Rome. As fate would have it, no we did not have to be evacuated but we had have to wait on the tarmac for one hour as it was busy flying out and the weather was poor. Many storms overhead. We arrived in Rome one hour and abit later than planned but managed to find a taxi to drive us very quickly to the hotel. They don't drive in Rome they just go, as fast as possible, zipping in and out of traffic with no indicator signals, just like Medicine Hat without the speed attached !! Mom met us at the hotel, had a nightcap, then to bed. We were up pretty early in the AM as we wanted to get down to the ship and load. And what a ship it is. Very nice and we are completely catered to. We went up on deck to soak up some rays and Sarah swam and swam. We then had to have the lifeboat drill so put on some clothes, put on the life jacket and headed out on deck to sweat ! Of course, there is LOTS OF FOOD to choose from and it will be a great deal of self control not to eat TOO much. I will walk the deck however to catch a few rays and enjoy the beauty of the Med. We will arrive in Monte Carlo tomorrow so I will fill you on on that. I may only write every few days as they charge you for the internet and it's not expensive but not cheap either !
Sorry Seanne, this is not has entertaining but I will try to work on that !

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A vacation of three weeks, how marvelous and to the UK and Europe no less !!! And on a cruise for part of that. Does it get any better than that ?! We will keep you up to date with all the fun !!

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