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Thursday 12 Jul 2007
Livorno, Italy

Back to Italy

I can't even remember when I last wrote but I think it was prior to arriving in Monaco. I have been trying to put entries on the map but having one heck of a time so you will have to get out an atlas to look all this up ! Anyhow, we arrived in Monaco first thing in the morning and was off the ship by 8:30 !! We had a half day tour of the small country and got out in front of the famous Casino, which did not open until 2:00pm that afternoon, and Sarah and I walked back along the waterfront to the ship. We saw where the Formula One (?) starts and finishes, the castle and of course all the beautiful condos that have sprang up everywhere for the rich folk. Actually it has made it quite unattractive to Monte Carlo compared to older buildings around there. That's what money can do. There are also alot of BIIIIIIIIIG boats/yachts whatever you call them, in the harbour. We came back for a swim and then back to the room. Sarah crashed out so Mom and I ordered room service, opened a bottle of wine and admired the coastline of France and Italy as we sailed back towards Italy to our current location. Again, we were off the ship early this morning in Livorno which is a huge port for shipping. There are literally hundereds of container ships around us so needless to say we had to hop on a tour bus to get to Lucca and Pisa. Lucca is a pretty town with some fabulous shopping and of course many old buildings (lots of churches !) We did not have lots of time there but enough for a flavour of the town and enough time to buy a bottle of Chianti !! A wine from that area. Actually upon arriving in Livorno, we are actually in the area of Tuscany. We then continued onto Pisa which was PACKED WITH TOURISTS. We followed the tour guide for awhile, took some pictures of the leaning tower and then went and found a cold bierra ! Back to the ship for swimming, tanning and supper. We leave tonight at 10:00 pm so will be on the ship all day tomorrow heading towards Barcelona. There is a great children's program and Sarah has already made a couple of friends so she will probably partake in that. Arriva derche for now (sorry about the spelling!)

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