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Wednesday 29 Aug
Taormina, Italy

Taormina: big hills and crazy men w no undies

We missed our train further south in Sicily because of some idiots who sent us in the wrong direction, so we changed our plans and headed north to Taormina, the 'resorty' part of Sicily. Actually a very nice place on top of a very steep hill. Every cabbie naturally tried to rip us off, so when we finally shared a cab with an Italian woman, we still had to walk one very long and windy and tough kilometre to our shitty hostel. Note to friends... dont stay in Taormina's hostel. No air-con, dorms only, crappy breakfast, and I had the misfortune of not sleeping in the night cos of the suffocating heat and some crazy dude snoring soooo loudly. Only to wake up in the morning to see him with no undies on. Yeah funny now, scarring when it happened.

The town sits on top of the hill (3km, very windy steep roads from the train station below). Lots of little streets with colourful shops and chilli hanging from the doorways. Had some great food in Taormina too, home-made pastas and pannacotta, yummy pizzas.

The beaches below the town look ghreat, but upon closer inspection were quite dirty and full of jellyfish to my disappointment. We walked for ages and ages to find a good beach, then cracked it and landed anywhere (right in jellyfish territory as it seems). A great seafood BBQ lunch made up for it, then after the sun cooled down a little we took the cable car back up the mountain to town.

Visited the old Greek Theatre, a very impressive sight with magical views over the beaches below, now used for outdoor theatrical performances.

What I'm grateful for:

- great food (as always)
- side streets full of little trattorias (family run restaurants)
- cool change in the evening
- orange granitas
- cable car ride that goes over the new soccer field as it passes up/down the steep hills
- refreshing swims in the ocean (and no jellyfish stings!)
- drinking Baileys at night on the steps of the town at a local cafe watching people go by below

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Sharing a few early NYE drinks

Sharing a few early NYE drinks

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