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Thursday 24 Jan 2008
Laos, Laos


After our day of Kayaking and caving we were all a little tender! Myself, Brian and Dave decided not to tube but take a tuktuk up to Swing bar for a few mid day drinks! We hung out there for a while and then headed back!

Rented some bikes and drove out to a lagoon that had been recommended! When we got there, there were more caves to be explored however we decided to give that a miss!! The drive there was pretty bumpy and we were all a little tender as it was! We chilled by the lagoon and read our books and Sarah & Scott had a dip! On our way back we passed a local who asked for a lift on the back on Brians bike, he showed us around some spots that only the locals know about...really picturesque sites along the river etc! Turns out he is the guy who was helping us build a fire at the sunset bar the previous nite!!!

We did the usual that evening if I can remember, eat and drink, at smile bar and at sunset and then back to our balcony!!!

Next day, myself, brian and coyner headed off for our last day of tubing, down the usual river to the usual bars!!! Along the rapids (if you would call them that) it gets shallow so we had to stand up a bit to stop our tubes getting stuck on the rocks, of course I fell and my tube and flip flops along with the lads kept on floating!!! They could stop and I couldn't catch up, too shallow to swim, too rocky to try and run!!! Funny!!! Eventually walked to the shore...after falling a few times, couple of local women laughing at me, a local lad told me to follow him up through the jungle! Walked down along the river and he brought me to the lads who had pulled in when the river slowed down with only one of my shoes! Jumped back on the tubes and headed for some drinks in the last bar before heading home! Thank goodness Coyner in his royal drunkeness the nite before had also lost his flipflops so I wasn't the only one who had to walk home without shoes on!!!!!!!!!!

We left Vangviene on the 5 hour bus on 24th Jan, when we arrived in Vientiene we weren't sure if we had a lift to the train station or not, after a few mins we just jumped a tuk tuk that brought us to the border, we paid our departure tax and got our passports stamped and made our way to Nongkai train station!

When we arrived at the ticket booth, the teller told us we should already have our tickets and that we should have collected our tickets in Vangviene and a lift would have been included also!!! The rude sod wasn't interested in helping us at all, there was no way we were gonna make it back across the border to Vientiene and back and still make the train! We finally got the telephone number (luckily had the business card). The bus that was to pick us up hadn't left yet so they sent out tickets with the driver! We went across the road for a bite to eat and a few large Changs! The young girls were fascinated, I think, by myself and Sarah drinking large changs!!!

Finally got the overnite train back, then our bus to BKK! Arrived in BKK early morning starving for brekkie! The minute we arrived there we were about to make our way to "oh my cod" for a fry and stopped in Mr. Thai travel agent to book our tickets to Koh Chang! The bus was leaving that minute, no time for brekkie so off we went around the corner and back on a bus!!!!!

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