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Thursday 12 Aug
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Day 7: a whirlwind tour of Kuala Lumpur

Despite the late night and midnight KFC feast, this morning was an early start as we had to get tickets for the sky bridge, which we were told was very hard to get as such a large number of people wanted to go. Kathy and some of the girls left much earlier so they could get in the queue. The rest of us arrived in two groups later, and waited for the news whether we got the tickets or not but eventually after the 2+ hours wait they finally got tickets for all of us. We then decided to go and have breakfast at a Malaysian restaurant to get a feel of the life in which Ainun lives, we were given a variety of bread (Roti Canai), Nasi Goreng and Thosai which are like wraps. With them we had different dips.

After everyone had finished their big breakfast we made our way to the shopping centre that looked much like any one in London. We split into several groups: some off to starbucks and others for a wonder on a larger shopping spree - although many felt they better save their money. We had to meet back at the ticket office ready to get on the sky bridge for our allocated slot, where would we be without another shop to spend in before filling up the little cinema for our clip about the sky bridge. After this short film we made our way to the lift of which we went to the 41st floor where the bridge was, we took many pictures and looked out over Malaysia of what we could see although we only had a short time to observe.


We made our way back down and jumped into some more taxis and Ainun's car to her Mosque which is the only one in Malaysia that allowed other faiths and atheists to visit and learn about the Muslim faith. We all had to cover up in the gowns they gave us to cover up our legs and the rest of our bodies. A lady, a volunteer with the mosque, showed us around and she told us about Muslims routines and the ways in which they pray. We were then allowed to watch them praying altogether. Which to most of us was a new experience. We then explored more of the mosque; the space they had for special times of the year, the school, crèche, special rooms for marriages and other ceremonies. She said it was a "One-stop Islam Centre!" At full capacity it can take 10,000 people praying together and the architecture is based on Istanbul's Blue Mosque.


The group decided to go to an indoor market to have lunch and have abit more of shopping, of which was just jewellery and souvenirs etc. We only had a short time there as there would be lots of traffic in the centre of the town if we left any later. We stayed during Ramadan and everyone would be breaking their fast at sun down and wanting to eat- so we got out early and headed to the bird park. Once there Jess and Alex went to go help collect food for dinner with Ainun whilst the rest of us went into the bird park. There were a large number of birds of different shapes and sizes such as parrots, ostrich, peacocks, blue crested hornbills, pigeons and doves.


Some of the girls got there name etc written in a lovely design in shapes of animals, before heading out of the park as it was closing. We were all outside waiting for a taxi when there was a large thunder storm making a huge bang right over head. The whole of the group jumped up and ran towards Kathy & Sharon, lots of people were laughing and we couldn't control our laughter until the lady told us no taxis were coming back here - which meant we had to walk all the way down the long hill to a main road, and then to stop some taxis. We managed to stop 3 taxis and placed some girls in one and then the others in half each with a leader. Unfortunately the taxi with the girls in it got lost as the driver forgot the address and so drove them around for 1 and a half hours. Thankfully the group in the taxi had the sense to insist on using a phone to call Kathy & Sharon and eventually the driver let them use his mobile. Ainun and Kathy drove to where they were stopped (by a police station) and Kathy had a go at him. We were finally reunited at Ainun's house and fed them before we had to leave for the train station.  


After arriving at the train station we had to wait for them to call us to go to our train, so we sat as a big group taking pictures and getting a few traveller snacks (Pringles, Oreos, etc) for our train journey. When the train arrived we all went downstairs to the platform and found our carriage, we chose our little bunk for the night and placed all of our stuff on that space we had to get everything out ready for that night before having our tickets checked and the train departing. As we set off we did our usual treasure and trash for the evening. We were all in little cubicles with curtains so it was the first time we had any "space" from each other which was a bit odd. Maybe that's why this night was an emotional one as the time spent thinking may have allowed many to think about home - but after a little while most were asleep due to our hectic past few days.   


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Bernard Says:

19 August

It seems that when something can go wrong - it will! Who wants to be a Leader in these situations!
Well done to the girls insisting on using a phone to contact. You all deserve a treat - on me.

ultimate Replies:

19 August

Yes, they were brilliant. We really do have the ultimate team. Some even had it as their "Treasure" in Treasure/Trash as they said they learnt so much about themselves and what they are capable of as a result of the incident.

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