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Friday 9 Mar 2007
Pulau Perhentian Kecil, Malaysia

Sharks, turtles, monster fish and white sands. Oh & palm trees..

Don't feel sorry for us ( WE DON'T, I can hear you from here Laugh) but our day started with a 4.30am wake up call to catch our flight up to another paradise on earth. This time we were off to Pulau Perhentian Kecil Long Beach. Bit of a mouthful but also turned out to be a bit of an eyeful. Really stunning, but See for yourself HERE.

The speed boat trip over was a bit scary - that is until we took the one back. We enjoyed a good 1 hr of thrilling near death experience. Between flying up in the air, landing with an arse crunching thud every few seconds and then being thrown up on by the sea for the other few seconds, it was a bit of relief to hit land.

It was all worth it - between white sandy beaches, very friendly & genuine locals, the most awesome Mars chocolate frappes we've ever had and one of the best snorkelling experiences in the world - we just had such an awesome time.

I have to tell you more about the snorkelling trip. We were truely blessed as all the fish turned up right on time at all the allotted spots as though they had been trained. The turtles in the turtle spot. The sharks (black tip, luckily not interested in eating us) in the shark spot. Beautiful coral, schools of fishes on the left, large fishes (one was literally about 2 sq m) on the right. Literally as the brochure claimed, so it was. A miracle in itself let me tell you as most brochures claim the most unlikely things. We took an underwater camera so when we get the pics developed we'll put them on the blog and let you know.

So get good selves over to the island of Perhentian Kecil before they get electricity, phone lines and massive resorts.


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Us loving the island life

Us loving the island life

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Photo Album

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    One of the turtles we swam with coming up for air - such a great experience getting to swim with them
  • Andrew in his...



    Andrew in his snorkelling finery - just check out how clear that water is
  • Shanna in the...



    Shanna in the crystal clear water with Pulau Perhentian Besar in the background
  • Some of the...



    Some of the enormous selection of fish we saw whilst snorkelling - they just go mad when you feed them, a couple even nipped Shanna after she ran out of bread!