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Wednesday 3 Dec 2014
Isla Cozumel, Mexico

Cenote Cavern diving

Today we did 2 scuba dives in a cenote!! It was EPIC. We dived into ‘Chiken Ha’ cenote. The water was crystal clear- so much so it looked like we were flying not diving. To see the still water from beneath looked like a glass mirror. We went through a point where the salt water mixes with the fresh water (a halocline)  and it creates an incredible blurring effect- your sight actually becomes blurry and pixelated. Inside the cavern we saw fossils, huge rocks and caves, little fish. When the water shone down through the water it created prisms on the rocks. At one point the algae on the top of the water gave an effect like ice. It is the first cavern dive we have done and at times was very dark- we had little torches. I think it was my favourite dive ever.

Here is a video someone has put on YouTube (not of our dive but the same cenote)-

We went for lunch at a beach place the dive master recommended and had squid and fish tacos. Then we sat on the beach until time to get a boat out to the Island of Cozumel. The ferry was quite funny- they were selling margaritas and it had a live band playing for the 30min journey! They got everyone to clap along and when they sung “La Bamba” we felt like we definitely knew we were in Mexico! It was good fun and so unlike our other journeys. We got to Isla de Cozumel which was surrounded in parked cruise ships. The first shop we saw on the strip was ‘Cartier’- it is another very flashy resort place. We found a hostel- another massive dorm room (but with perks like English language magazines!). We walked around a lot before we found a cheap place to have dinner- burrito and quesadillas, then home to chill.

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