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Friday 1 Jun 2007
Christchurch, New Zealand

We're going to need more adjectives than stunning...

Driving through the Canterbury region on our way to Christchurch & 'stunning' sprang to mind again. I realise that I need more than words to describe what we see here every day so you are going to have to check out the pics. I think I need to consult a thesaurus.Cheesy

Christchurch is the South Island's biggest city (330 000 people so we're not talking heaving metropolis) & is pretty as a picture. Lots of English influence, rattling trams, multitude of restaurants, bars & cafes & perfectly pleasing manicured lawns.

We only had one full day here so we made the most of it by going up the gondola in the morning, the Banks Peninsula drive midday (with a fab lunch at the French Winery Farm in front of a roaring fire) & finishing off at the acclaimed International Antarctic Centre. The views just keep getting better. I just grabbed a thesaurus and dazzling, devastating, gorgeous, impressive and remarkable are my new adjectives for today. Again a picture paints a thousand words.

The Antarctic Centre was very interesting. Not only did we learn some fascinating facts like the coldest ever recorded temp was -89.2 C, so cold that if you went outside in everyday clothes you would die in less than a minute... another one? In Antarctica body hair grows twice as fast. I could carry on all day. They literally had to chuck us out as they were locking up. We also got to 'experience' an Antarctic storm where this freezer room is taken down from -5 C to a wind chill of -25 C by a 40km.p.h. wind. Pretty cold but we still enjoyed playing on the ice slide!

As you can tell the experience just keep on rolling...

Tomorrow we head to Queenstown. As some of you know this is where the bungee happens...Cool

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Us loving the island life

Us loving the island life

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