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Thursday 31 May
Kaikoura, New Zealand

Wild Dolphins. Swam with. What more can I say?

A dream came true today.

We swam with wild dolphins. Wow. It was incredible.


We went with Dolphin Encounters who were very professional & obviously had a great love for these stunning creatures. Their focus is on ensuring the dolphins are treated as 'wild' (no feeding, touching etc) & it is up to the dolphins how much or how little interaction there is.

They suggested making noises, diving down & generally behaving like a dolphin (swimming in circles, swimming hands to sides etc) for maximising their interest in us.
Luckily for us our antics seemed to amuse them as the guide said they didn't normally hang around for as long as they did with our group. They just kept coming back & swimming under us & round us, almost touching us. Magical.

There was some payback for this though. The water was an icy 11 degrees and although we had on full wetsuits, hoods & booties I have never been so pleased with my ability to pee anywhere, anytime. Had to be said.

We must have seen about 50 dusky dolphins up close in the water & then we had the opportunity to take pics of them swimming with the boat whilst taking in a local seal colony to end off a perfect trip.

Oh and of course there were bikkies and hot chocolate. Wouldn't have been perfect without the food Wink

The perfect conditions (calm water and blue skies) contributed to some good pics - click here to check them out.

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Us loving the island life

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Photo Album

  • Our first...


    New Zealand

    Our first sighting of the pod of dusky dolphins.
  • This great...


    New Zealand

    This great pic clearly shows how clear the water was and how close the dolphins came to our boat.
  • A few...


    New Zealand

    A few dolphins revel in following the boat - we reckoned we must have seen at least 50 different dolphins up close.  No big deal when the pods of dusky dolphins can get up to....400 large!
  • A seal...


    New Zealand

    A seal sihouetted against his rock of a home.