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Tuesday 22 May 2007
Rotorua, New Zealand


We put much thought into the naming of the 'new Kenny' and after much deliberation came up with Zombie. This is due to her lack of soul. It had to be said.

However, as it turns out, Zombie is far better equipped than Kenny & we have a full-on kitchen, heater, electric lights, toaster, kettle & fridge. Kenny had ehh... a cooler box & single gas stove. I wish I could say that it was us that figured all this out before we sorted the new van but thankfully it was fate/God who was looking out for us. Without Zombie we would be freezing our nuts off (or at least Andrew would) & we would be eating in the rain. Not a happy picture.

So all good really.

Our first stop was Rotorua. Home of the smelly gurgling hot springs & geysers. We dutifully viewed Pohutu spurting forth its noxious innards, had a very relaxing few hours at the Polynesian spa & had breakfast at the beautiful Blue Lake. We also took in a Maori cultural show (where Andrew was asked to pretend to be 'chief' & he declined - I don't think they often get 'no's', the woman looked shocked - I just couldn't stop giggling), saw the rare kiwi bird & slept on the streets like the homeless to save a few bucks. Andrew was actually very pleased he had turned down that nice lady as the chief had to perform the haka (Maori war dance) in front of everyone later in the show.

God those pictures would have been priceless... Oh well...hopefully these pics will do


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Us loving the island life

Us loving the island life

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22 May 07 | Rotorua, New-Zealand

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