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Monday 16 Apr
Panama City, Panama

What a Sloth

In Panama city at the moment. Em fulfilled one of her central american goals seeing a sloth up close and personal yesterday. Not just one though, we spotted 3 in the space of 15 mins. It was claaaassic to watch those furry little fellas up there in the trees, completey stagnent until they decide to change position or scratch themselves which appears to be a massive challenge taking all their strength whilst moving in super slow mo.
Have organised our passage to South America and are now going to sail on a charter yacht to Cartegena in Columbia via the San blas Islands in the Carribean. We'll spend 3 days around the islands and then 2 more sailing to Cartegena. We have a pretty sweet group of 6 and met our Columbian captain today who is a musician and seems like an interesting fella.
Hasta Luego,
Dave and EmWinkCheesyLaugh

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Dave & Em go Latin

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High on love...

High on love...

Now we´re engaged, I guess things are gonna be different.....thats right Daves under the thumb and has to do what he´s told, Em´s callin´the shots from here on in.....stay tuned to see what happens......Gotta go, I can hear Em calling...

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