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Monday 1 May
Krakow, Poland


The border crossing into Poland was quicker than Czech, providing a positive sign. Then we hit their single lane main roads, with roadworks most of the way. Damn communist leftovers, they are only now beginning to try and improve their road systems! Add to that the crazy impatient drivers and we are surprised we made it through without a scratch.
Nevertheless, Poland was just as beautiful as the other countries and Krakow, where we stayed was almost more impressive than Prague. A quick stop in Wroclaw on the way confirmed this also.
Arriving in Krakow at night was a bit of a hassle, especially when our hotel booking didn't exactly work out the way intended, but thankfully we are fluent in pigeon-english like everyone else. No, most of the places we have stayed have had goodish english speaking staff.
But anyway, Krakow's main square at night was a sight to behold! The size is astonishing enough, without the beautiful old buildings surrounding it (full of cafes and restaurants). This city actually survived WWII unscathed (building wise), unlike a lot of others. The daytime views were equally stunning in the town square and at the Wawel Castle, perched atop a hill on the edge of the city. The castle itself was also more impressive than Prague's and not as busy.
We also visited the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp memorial sites, which were a site to behold and the most moving yet. No-one could ever deny these atrocities ever occurred. Nor should we ever let it happen again!
Next stop, Hungary...

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01 May | Krakow, Poland

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