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Thursday 27 Jul
Moscow, Russia

Jesus is dead

Sad news todayBlue Jesus our beloved fish has died. This could have something to do with sending him to The House of Death Adoption Agency (aka Hilly) where all things good and pure come to an untimely demise. He follows Martha's Vineyard and several other house plants to the Hillock Burial Grounds. Hilly you know we love you and realise that he died of a broken heart.

We high speed trained it to Moscow and expected a grey, unfriendly city but we love it. Great hostel - Godzillas, where we somehow got upgraded to a double room Laugh (no more snoring Brazilians!).

So much for communism - this place is a thriving capitalist paradise complete with Pret, MAC and Prada. Lenin would be turning in his grave. Talking about Lenin we went and saw the old fool and made sure he was dead. I sent him lots of bad energy through the glass coffin. We also saw the Kremlin, St Basil's and Gorky Park. We are well and truly touristed out and Gorky Park is nowhere near as bleak and creepy as the movie. Rather it's a cheesy funfair where the whales go to die (although I had the best candy floss I have ever had there!)

Tomorrow we are leaving for Yeketrinburg where we are doing a homestay with a Russian family. Ca this reminds me of our "homestay" in Turkey - I just hope the "sister" doesn't shower us in quite the same way as then... although Andrew will enjoy it...

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Us loving the island life

Us loving the island life

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