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Friday 30 May 2008
Cape Town, South Africa

The end of an era

Hong Kong - London - Cape Town!!! The last week has passed in a flash. And so an era is over............the wandle and womble has come to an end in the magnificent city of Cape TownCheesy. I must appologise for being so scarce in London - between a nasty cold Blue, sheer exhaustion Frown and never ending doctors appointments (you know the NHS ones that require long waiting periods) the time flew by without opportunity for social calls ...................on the other hand it's a great opportunity for you all to come visit us in Cape TownWink.

What can I say - Cape Town really is the most magnificent city in the world......even in the crummy winter weather. It is really divine to be home and even more divine to sleep in the same bed for more than two nights in a row. I am going to start a new "adventure" for those of you who like company with your cup of tea, probably not so interesting as you'll have to listen to me whine about the cost of doctors, the shock of baby classes and generally settling into life in SA. However, I have really, really loved writing my notes so please bear with me and enjoy.......Cheesy


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