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Monday 8 Aug 2016
Cambrils, Spain

Midsummer`s Night Dream


              A Midsummer Night’s Dream.


My favourite Spanish, singing star, Julio Iglesias was performing in Cambriils in the Northern Costas.  He had been a sell out in the Canary Islands, where he had previously starred this summer, so we were lucky to acquire tickets for his show in the Park Del Pinaret. Cambrills.

 I have seen this legendary singer before and loved that he was returning to Spain. The fact he would be on stage fours hours away, from where we live, was on no consequence .Plus it was an excuse to visit this Catalonian town on the Costa Durada.  

 In hindsight we should have gone by train, as pensionistas, to Tarragona on the Euro Med, from Valencia. We could have travelled in comfort and cheaper. We failed to remember just how expensive the tolls and petrol are for this distance, from the Costa Blanca.

We discovered Cambrills to be a pretty area and nowhere near as over populated or the concrete jungle we imagined. It was also very Spanish. The town has only a handful of hotels nearby. The majority are within 2 kilometres away, towards Salou, another town not as over populated as imagined. Cambrills Pueblo is quaint and typical of old Spain with cobbled streets and steps, leading into miniscule areas with bars and shops spilling on the pavement. Along the seafront, by the port area, there are many restaurants all vying with each other in price and trade. Not too overpriced, but we are spoiled, for value, on the Costa Blanca. 

 The Costa Daurada   encompasses 150 miles of golden beaches, hence its name, “The Gold Coast” and the safe and shallow waters found in Cambrills and Salou are perfect for children.There is also the opportunity for the teenagers to enjoy the exciting night life and for the older, amongst us, secluded hideaways and natural beauty.  

We stayed nearer the park than the beach so we could leave our car and walk everywhere. We know August is not a time to be on the roads in any town of Spain. Julio was advertised to be singing there so we wanted to be as close as possible. 

Once at the park we queued to get into the arena as we did not have V I P seating, in fact ours was not even priority.We sat on the wall outside and waited with many others to be admitted.  Who says that only old people watch this talented singer? I think we were the oldest there. Even older than the star himself .My impression of the fans being middle aged women were soon dispelled.

But in those many years of being a super star he has acquired many adoring followers and I asked the youngster next to me how long he had been an aficionado and he answered “forever!” He wasn’t even born when this superstar started singing.  Julio was in his element being on home ground in his native country.  Amongst the songs sung were” Nathalie”, my favourite and when he sang “Tango” he was accompanied by two terrific lady  dancers and described how  the Latin American Rhythm had influenced  his life .

His band has been with him forever too and the saxophonist, like Julio, is still as good as ever!  When he sang “Caberello” he had different sections of the arena waving the lights on their mobile phones in party atmosphere.

Every body loved it.  His song “Me Va, Me Va” is the one that always has the audience on its feet and dancing and although we were seated in the gods, at that point I wasn’t! I ran to front of stage singing and dancing with all the people from the higher priced seats.

 The audience participation at these concerts is amazing and when he tried to leave the stage after two hours the audience kept chanting “Otra, Otra. “  I definitely wanted Otra as he never ceases to amaze me with his voice.  Unlike other aging rockers, Julio still has one!

He came back to sing “Can’t help falling in love with you “in English and then left the stage. It was wonderful to be amongst the Spanish who knew all the words in English as well as their native language; he was their hero as well as mine. I was in their country and I had the distinct feeling he belonged to them and them to him. He certainly deserved all his accolades. He has been awarded the L.A.R.A.S Latin Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences).  He also has a Law degree and is Ambassador for Valencia and Galicia.  An honorary International Professor of Music in the new world of the arts in Miami and has an annual scholarship award in his name.

He has recorded and sung all over the world and at this moment in time is doing another another global tour. In 1983 he had six albums topping the the American music charts, a feat only matched by the Beatles and Elvis Presley. He has sold millions of records in seven languages and recorded with famous artists like Frank Sinatra, Willie Nelson and Dolly Parton to name a a few. Has sung for most of the Presidents in the world and appeared at the Royal Variety performance.

 For someone who was rejected by the choir at high school “Sagrada Corazon” in Madrid in 1959. He has more than proved a point.

 I was delighted that my dream in Midsummer had turned into reality, along with thousands of others.


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Midsummer Night`s Dream

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