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Sunday 2 Oct
Zanzibar, Tanzania

Day 43 - Snorkelling in the Indian Ocean & surrounded by dolphins

Have just had the most wonderful day out on the Indian Ocean. We motored about 1 hour to the Marine protected reserve - past white beaches and turquoise waters. We got out at the coral reef and although it took us a bit longer to get used to the waves (it was much easier in the Red Sea!) we were once again able to enjoy snorkelling in warm clear waters. We saw thousands of fish - all different colours and patterns and it really was like watching Finding Nemo all over again - but in 3D! We had 2 different dives - getting on and off the boat was most difficult! The scuba divers were also getting in and out and they made lots of splash! Once we had had enough, we started to motor back and suddenly 8 dolphins were swimming around the boat, jumping around the water and throwing cartwheels and splashing. It was wonderful! We've had a lazy couple of hours since and now heading off to have a cheapo meal. Heading to Stone Town tomorrow - the capital of the Island - which will be interesting.
Really enjoy this place - you'd all love it too.
Great for holidays!
K and S x

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Cold but blinding salt - it was fab!

Cold but blinding salt - it was fab!

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