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Tuesday 31 Mar
Bangkok, Thailand

Its TUESDAY all day!

Hello Reader or three,

Well its now Tuesday and its time to pack up the backpack and head off to Hanoi, where my real adventure begins. Just popped 3 days laundry into the machine before I pack and after this I am heading to the currency exchance shop up on Soi 7 to get some US dollars and a small amount of Doung? dong? . Apart from that its a waiting day.

Yesterday I had a quiet one as well. Sunday night saw me at The Pickled Liver pub downstairs, where the bright ( but alcohol soaked) smile of Sarah greeted me. For those of you who havent come across Sarah in my past blogs, she is a British Ex PAt who has worked here in BKK for the last 20 years. She is a creature of habit and Monday to Saturday afternnons she acts in her capacity of unpaid Ambassador of Cheap Charlies ...The friendliest llittle watering hole in Bangers! Thats her pictured below with Sartit , owner and sole employee of Cheap Charlies for the past 19 years. Sundays I have now discovered, she adorns the bar at The Pickled Liver. This is because Cheap Charlies is closed on Sunday. She is always surrounded by her "new friends" (us blow ins) and a table full of ex-pats and is the best contact to make if you wish to meet a hugely diverse group of people , proffessions and cultures.  I met a group of people from Suk 11 at her table and slotted right in.

We had a great night of mild merriement, conversation and much so that we ended up as guests of Nick ( mine host and owner of the establishment) for "afters" once the place had closed. My salutations to you Nick for your hospitality.

Monday was then officially a day of rest and reading. I did go for a huge walk Monday afternoon, exploring all the side Soi's off Sukhumvit Road, so much so that after over 2 hours of strolling I decided a full Thai Massage would be on the agenda for the evening at some stage.  Once dusk approached I headed to Cheap Charlies for "sundowners" and again I soon found myself with another wonderful bunch of people. One guy I met was Steve, a brit who now lives here in Thailand up near Udon Thani. We clicked from our first introduction, with so many things in common in our lives, we talked and talked untill 11pm came round and I still needed my massage. So it was goodbye Steve and a walk up Soi 11 to have the most painfuk, yet amazingly relaxing massage. It was so good walking back to head off to bed. My feet were alive, my entire body relaxed and entirely prepared for a good nights sleep.

Well readers  thats it for today, until next time when we kick off in Hanoi..... a B B B B B B B B ..thats all folks


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2 Comments for this Travel blog entry

Marcus Says:

1 April

Watch those foreign transaction fees. Much to our mild annoyance we discovered that most ATMs in Vietnam will only give out 2 million dong. That's if they are working at all. Most hotels only seem to take cash so you're forever traipsing back for more.

teztours Replies:

6 April

Dont you love the feel of wealth...all those bank notes in Millions yet no real money ha ha!

Heather Says:

23 March

I enjoyed reading your post! It reminds me of my time in Thailand. What an amazing part of the world, isn't it!? If you're curious to see reviews, photos, and info from locations across the world, check out my blog!


teztours Replies:

2 June

Hi Heather, thanks for your comments, stayed tuned for this years blog coming to computer near you throughout November "I'm on the Thaiway to Nepal". My next stop is to read your blog. Cheers and Happy Trails!


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