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Friday 2 Feb
Bangkok, Thailand

Back in Bangkok

We have finally made it back into civilisation and have managed to sever the umbilical chord that was the house. Frightening, but had to be done.

We are staying again at the hotel with the pool on the roof and this time we have an air con room. We are however paying for this 'spoiling of selves' by having booked a mixed dorm (10 beds) for Hanoi, Vietnam -our next stop. Call it the self flagellation of backpacking!

Spending our time in Bangkok wisely, i.e. lying in the sun and eating at all our favourite haunts. To stretch myself I am taking a Thai veggie cooking course tomorrow. You get to eat all the 10 things you make at the end so I think I'll cope with being back at 'school' for a few hours.

Andrew will of course be ensuring that our room is safe by laying prostrate on the bed with Motley Crue. They are not actually with us of course (our hotel room would be trashed!) but he is reading their autobiography which is a bit of an eye opener.

You should take a look at it - what you don't want your kids to grow up experiencing. Makes our partying look positively tame.

Although of course it is tame anyway....Cool

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Us loving the island life

Us loving the island life

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