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Saturday 27 Oct
Bangkok, Thailand

Don't order the steak!

Hello friends, family and random people. I hadn't planned on putting a diary entry quite so soon since the last one but had quite a bit to tell you about so thought I may pop on an update.
So were to start, suppose I should introduce Mr Christopher Fine, Troon AFC's solid and versatile centre back. Due to his work commitements he currently resides in a nice hotel in Bangkok (6 star!!!) and playing football with Chris back home it was only suitable that we let Finer (as he is know to his friends) show us round.
It was a fairly uneventful trip from Hong Kong to Bangkok airport but as we got closer to the centre of Thailands capital we started to realise just what a different place we were stepping into. As we got off the airport express bus we were immediately jumped on by gentlemen insisting we get a taxi to our hotel despite it being just a two minute walk. However we did need to cross the road which is something we've definately been getting better at but isn't exactly the easiest. The roads in places are about five lanes wide on either side and usually full of traffic. To get across its a matter of head down and run, preferably putting someone else in the line of the traffic just incase you've made a slight misjudgement. (We haven't yet obviously)
The Royal Hotel where we have stayed the past two nights isn't bad although as we found out last night the restuarant is definately something to avoid. We were attracted by some very reasonable prices for some tradionally British food. Unfortunately it possibly showed us some of the most farcical service we'd ever received. Myself and Finer easily ordered our gammon steak and steak minion respectively but Chris had some trouble with his order. After being told that they had run out of spare ribs, he went for the pork chop. It was about twenty minutes later when the waitress returned giggling to herself as she asked Chris whether he was willing to wait two hours for his pork chop as they had forget to take them out of the freezer. Now it did strike us as fairly stange that first of all she wasn't at all apologetic but secondly that she was laughing her head off! Chris was switched to the steak and we continued to wait. Finer and my food arrived shortly after and was beautifully presented with flowers popping out of the tomatoes and other fanciness. Once you ruined the display though the food was rather well nasty but again we didn't get as rougher deal as young Chris Wilson. His steak arrived and after one bite, that took about ten minutes ,he decided his leather shoes upstairs would more than likely be easier to eat so we paid and left still a bit hungry.
In honesty thats the only real bad bit of our stay so far, after arriving on our first night Finer came to our hotel and we headed to the Khoasan area for a couple of beers and to have a bit of an explore. As you walk down the road you are surrounded by street vendors selling food, people trying to get you to go anywhere they can in a taxi and other people trying to get you to come into their bar for a beer. Once you get into the bars though they are a lot of fun, the beer is cheap and theres a great range of music. Some even have live music as we found in a great Irish bar. The tribute band which have been on the last two nights are absolutely superb. They range with songs from Black Sabbath and Metalica to Sean Kingston and Fergie, which to their credit sounded like a DJ was simply playing them over the PA. Another great factor of the bars here are the novelty way you can purchase your beverages ranging from glass, bottle, bucket and tower. Yes, buckets and towers!
During the day you have a massive city to explore. Once you get over the horrendous smell that there less than hygenic sewer system gives off, you have to choose from the numerous ways of travelling round the city. My favourite is the three wheeled motorbikes which has a covered seating area behind the driver. You wizz round the traffic with the driver doing whatever is necessary to get you to your destination that includes going the wrong way down one way streets and driving on the wrong side of the road. We have also experienced the slightly more uneventful sky track and underground.
I'm actually writing to you know from Finers hotel room where we arrived this morning a little earlier than expected. We had to check out of the Royal Hotel at 12 o'clock so I set my phones alarm for 11 o'clock to give us plenty of time to pack and wash. We got out of our room at about 11:55 just in time and then proceeded to get a taxi to Finers hotel. When we arrived Finer was slightly shocked to see us so early and thought we'd have left it till the last minute to check out, we said we had however what we hadn't realised was that my phone was still on Hong Kong time so had actually got up at 10 o'clock and got to the hotel at 11:45. Something we couldn't believe and was gutted to learn that we'd missed out on an extra hours sleep!
Well that kind of somes up our manic two days in Bangkok, at 7pm tonight we get on a coach for sixteen hours to head to the hopefully sunnier Phuket. Although apparently its raining there at the moment. The coach was cheap but were not quite sure what were going to get. We've stocked up on supplies for the epic journey and were sure its going to be a great adventure although Finer isn't as opptimistic and thinks we may be sharing a hot double decker with chickens. So hopefully I will be speaking to you next from the warm and tropical Phuket.

Hope you all are well and there is a link on my facebook to some photo's from Hong Kong.

John and Chris

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