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Saturday 7 Jun
Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok 2

For my second full day in Bangkok I organized a day trip to a few sites a couple hours outside Bangkok (toward Myanmar). After a bit of a nauseating bus ride in a claustrophobic van packed full of tourists, we arrived at the site of the Bridge on the River Kwai. To give the quick history lessons, the Japanese enslaved Allied WWII POWs (mostly Dutch, English and American) to help them build a railroad from Bangkok to Rangoon in Myanmar (Burma). So, we visited a cemetery and then a pathetic museum that described the events. Walked over the actual bridge which was pretty but nothing special. It was very very hot and sweaty. We then took what appeared to be a tourist train on the railroad that was built, which was aptly named the "Death Railroad". Anyway, I realize this story isn't very good so I'll try to be quick....we then visited a waterfall, nothing special, but then we did something that was pretty cool...we visited what was called the Tiger Temple. At the Tiger Temple they have about 10 tigers that are extremely docile that you can pet and have your picture taken with. It was a little scary but there were about 40 handlers there that made you feel a little safer. It was pretty much like a petting zoo...they also had some other things like bush pigs, deer, buffalo, etc.

Met up with Sebastian this evening. Sebastian is another Columbia Business School guy who happened to be traveling in the same area. Definitely was nice to see a friendly face that I knew I would be traveling with for a while. Sebastian had also contacted another CBS person, Jen, who came to dinner with us before we went out on Khao San Road.

Following day we got a bit of a late start before heading to a tailor on Sukhumvit Road. Sebastian was having some clothes done so I went with him...which was a mistake because I ended up getting a couple suits myself!! Kidding aside, I'm happy that the suits will be really nice and relatively inexpensive.

That night we went to Thai boxing. We were pretty psyched because we had heard the crowd was pretty wild...from that aspect it was a let down. There were mostly tourists and I seemed to be the only one trying to make bets with people! I had a good record and made off with a few extra baht than I came in with. One of the crazy fights pitted an Austrian against a Kiwi. Didn't expect that one, and it was the only fight where blood was drawn. One other point of note was that there was some extremely annoying music played during the rounds...made you want to vomit.

We then ended up going to a night market, eating some street pad thai and then going out again on Khao San Road...we had an early flight to Sukhothai at 7am in the morning which required a 5:30am departure from the hotel. Fun times!

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