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Monday 8 Dec 2008
Bangkok, Thailand

last day in BKK

After a relaxing day at the hotel pool I was ready for some sightseeing again! On wednesday the 3rd we drove by train to Ayutthaya, an historical sight with temples (well, or what is left) from the 13th century. It wasn't that spectacular but we have rented a bike and had at least some excercises and a break from Bangkok. Back in our hotel we got a phonecall from Quantas with an offer to leave BKK the next day. Although the airport strike was over, we doubt that we will get a flight from BKK the next couple days so we decided to take the offer from Quantas. The good thing about is was that we could leave the next day, the bad thing was a bus ride to Phuket and then a flight to Melbourne via Singapore via Sydney!!!

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