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Sunday 22 Mar
Bangkok, Thailand

Return to Bangkok

Well this is where it ends, it's been a long six months, I travelled a long way and seen and done some amazing things. I've actually been looking forward to the end for some time now, I really want to get home see my friends and family and start work again. As tempting as a permanent vacation might sound while you are stuck at a desk, it's just as tiring to be constantly on the move. Aristotle was right, it's all about balance and moderation.

The night of March 20th was the last night the entire group would be together so I had an early birthday party to coincide with our last supper. For once I was served first!

I had the best birthday of my entire adulthood, it helped that it started at 1 minute past midnight with a round of Tequila shots supplied by Christina and finished the same way 24hours later, this time the round was supplied by Linus. Got to love the Scandinavians, they know how to drink.

It was a shame that the last night was when Candy and I finally got the Danes to come out of their shells (it takes more than just Tequila, it's about the Music too) after several weeks of trying and the results were splendid. Christina and Henriette really partied hard, pulled some really kooky moves on the dance floor and somehow still look good enough to attract a stream of male admirers to rebuff.

So we'd spent a month together and the goodbyes were a little more involved than any on the tour so far. My ciao to Candy took the longest, and not just because there was a traffic jam outside the hotel when she got into the cab I hailed, it took over 10 minutes to pass clear of the front of the building!

The 22nd was my last day and I had to leave for the airport at around 8.30pm. To stop myself from moping around I teamed up with Jen and Di and we visited a few of the remaining sights of Bangkok. It was good to do something other than sit around and wait. I also tried shopping for my mothers joint Birthday, Mothers day and homecoming present, but couldn't find anything suitable so instead of one big present she got lots of little ones. I forgot to barter for a little silk purse I bought her in a market, it was cheap anyhow but it shows that I was truly travelled out and it was time to go home.


Last Sunset,
Last Sunset,

So after one last sunset* I took a taxi to the airport and started the return to reality.

*funny after some really shockingly poor sunsets and sunrises at Siem Reap, both Dawn and dusk were beautiful over Bangkok on the 22nd

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